7 Important Handsome Tips for Men Skincare & Haircare

Skincare tips for Men

Men being Men always claim, “I need no beauty tips”. Yet stumble upon some cosmetics or magazine cover, related to some skin and hair care. Take it as Handsome tips if you do not like the “Beauty” word.

Men being Men does not care until it’s too late, like witnessing more than normal hair fall or experiencing resistant dandruff. Then they scramble to look for an immediate fix. But man, it will be too late. So, take these tips for hair care and skincare and include it in your daily lifestyle.

Men do care like everyone else, maybe secretly, but they do. It will have no harm to your manliness to follow simple yet important skincare & haircare tips and routine.

Drink Water

A normal human sleeps an average of 8 hours without any food and water. During this period, the body gets dehydrated and our joints & muscle becomes stiff. It is very important to have water as the first thing when you wake up. Not only it hydrates the body, activating the digestive system.

Drinking enough water helps in weight loss, skin tone improvement, tighter skin, reduce puffiness and prevents premature ageing.

Cold Shower

You may feel uncomfortable having a cold water shower in the morning. The advantages may lure you to give it a try and make it a daily habit.

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Tighten skin pores
  • Fight itchy skin conditions
  • Sports and exercise recovery
  • Fertility
  • Weight loss
  • Mental sharpness

Chemical-free shampoo wash for your hair type

Chemicals are in nearly every product. But do make sure it does not have sulphate in it. Do not wash with shampoo daily, neither let it be sweaty and dirty, which may result in hair fall. If you are not in so much access to shampoo and shower in your man cave, use dry shampoo. It will help you to retain your hair as you age. You may also use biotin & keratin shampoo if you are experiencing hair fall or hair thinning.

Hair Oil Massage

Pollution, dust and other free chemicals may damage your hair in the long term. To keep your scalp healthy free from dandruff and hair follicle strong you should apply hair oil and soothing massage to your scalp with fingers two to three times a week. The preferable time will be before an hour or two of taking bath.

Moisturize your skin

Yeah, cream and lotion is not your type, not used to or has refrained from using it. But, continuous deprivation of skincare may affect how you look, that too in the polluted and dirt-filled environment, sweat. An oil-free, chemical-free moisturizer will not only keep you look fresh but also save your skin from harmful UV rays. A face cream at night will repair the skin damage and keep your skin healthy and young while you sleep.

Nutrition snacks for skin

Adding fatty acid to your diet gives your skin the boost it needs. Almonds contain fatty acid and having a handful of them as snacks as a daily diet helps a lot. Of course, there is a non-veg option such as fish, especially salmon and tuna. Fatty acid stops skin inflammation, fine lines and skin sagginess. If you are having a puffy face try reducing salty snacks (sodium) in your diet.

Cleanse your face before going to bed

After a day of work and exposure to pollution, you should always cleanse your face with face wash made for men as the skin texture is different from women. It gives you some refreshment and also keeps your face clean & healthy, maintaining the complexion and glow.

Stop Hair Loss

Let us agree on this, there are only a few genetically gifted men but the rest of us? I mean there is a huge rest of us are not, as we grow older. There are precautions and hair care products that we should start using just to stretch and save as much as we can. Castor oil with lavender oil mix may do magic. There is still ongoing research over the much-hyped biotin products and there is some best biotin keratin shampoo out there like Silkworm Shampoo. Dandruff is also one of the major concern, which may require dermatologist consultation if it becomes a factor in hair loss.

Point of all this, we take our hair & scalp health casually and a certain time it becomes hard to recover the same.