Benefits of Hair Serum and How to Use Them

hair serum benefits

Are you looking for one key product that can solve all your hair problems, from dry hair to frizz to styling? Answer is Conditioning Serums with lots of benefits for your hair. You can use it to smoothen your hair after cleaning and styling them, de-tangle the hair before combing, Hair Regrowth Serum and to protect from the heat of styling iron. Also, they protect your hair from damage, add shine, decrease frizz, and strengthen your hair. In this article, we’ll find out more about Conditioning hair Serums and how to use them to accomplish the best outcomes.

What Is Hair Serum?

Hair Serum is a silicone derivative based fluid that layers the surface of your hair. Unlike hair oil, it doesn’t penetrate the hair follicles or cause changes to the hair framework. Rather, it improves the strength of hair cuticle, curliness and smoothness of the hair. Also, it smooths frizz, includes shine, and protects your hair from air pollutants. Conditioning Hair Serum coats each hair strand smoothing down the upper most layer of hair i.e the Cuticle.

The ingredients in hair serums help strengthen and brighten your hair. They also help in reducing the hair loss while combing. Silicone-based lotions have a slightly low pH to maintain acid mantle of scalp which prevents hair damage and dandruff. Dimethicone, a silicone derivative and polysiloxane, both used in most hair treatment products, are known to protect the hair shaft and glue together with each other to check heat damage to hair while styling. The Citrus Fruit extracts and and Vitamin C in the hair serum penetrate deep into your hair and minimize hair damage with antioxidant properties. Additionally, hair serums provide great lubrication to the hair, which makes them easier to manage with increased combability.

Hair Serums provide a lots of various other benefits that are listed in the next section.

Benefits of Hair Serum:

Hair Serum makes your hair shinier and healthier and reduces tangles.

As the serum reflects light, it makes hair appearance shiny and healthy. It also protects your hair from dirt and humidity.

Hair Serum also protects your hair from the damaging impacts of the sunlight, pollution, various other hazardous chemicals, and heat styling devices.

It also helps in moisturizing dry hair or hair that are damaged due to heat or hair color.

Currently, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind.

When You Should definitely Use A Hair Serum?

If you’re using a heat styling devices like crinkler or level irons regularly, or if you are moving outdoor in sun or in an air pollution filled environment or in dusty conditions , then you definitely need a potion of Hair Serum. Because such conditions make your hair look dull and brittle because they shed their moisture and pollutants adhering to your hair may damage them without your awareness. Hair Serums revitalize your hair so that you can constantly have fun while using your hairbrush.

Most people use a Conditioning Hair Serum to prevent dry and damaged hair. Some begin using it once their hair transforms into a boring lot or are tangled beyond reprieve, directly using hair regrowth serum, while others use it to protect their hair from the heat damage while using hairdo devices. The following steps should help you pick and use the right Conditioning hair Serum.

How To Use A Hair Serum?

  1. Find The Perfect Hair Conditioning Serum For Your Hair.

Like other grooming products, every brand name uses various ingredients that may benefit certain hair kinds and do hardly any for others.

You must find the perfect product that fits your hair type. You must also be aware of the ingredients being offered in that brand. This could often mean trying out a couple of products before finding the right one. Also, there’s a misunderstanding among people that ones with fine hair can’t use any Hair Serums because serums will make their hair look straight but rather they are the ones who definitely need one to protect their hair from damage.

If you’re the one that styles their hair often, after that you should choose the product that also prevents the heat damage from styling devices like crinkling or level irons and blow dryers.

Constantly choose Hair Serums with protein and Calcium Panthonate as one of the components if your hair are already damaged and dry. It can help put life back into the hair.

Conditioning Hair Serums can also be used as fast touch-ups on your hair whenever throughout the day if your hair is looking boring and dry.

  1. Wash Your Hair Thoroughly Before Application

One must keep in mind that Hair Serum should be applied to shampooed hair. Unlike hair mousse or hair sprays, Hair Serum is primarily a leave-in conditioner that is a  source of nutrition for your hair, although it does help in styling and detangling them. The primary purpose of Hair Serum is to protect your hair from environmental damage, dirt and grime. Hence, using it on unwashed hair will loose it’s purpose.

Often, popular brands offer a complete range of hair grooming products that consist of hair shampoo, conditioner, and Hair Regrowth Serum that are made to complement each other. Using Hair Serum before washing your hair is useless until you need a quick touch up to style your hair in a jiffy. Many people find that it can help in perking up frizzy and dull hair.

If you’re trying a Hair Serum for the very first time, then Shampoo your hair thoroughly, following it up with a conditioner, and then finally use the Hair Serum.

  1. How To Use Hair Serum On Your Hair

Depending upon the type and density of your hair, take 2 to 6 drops of Hair Serum and rub it on your hair strands with your hands.

Hair Serum is best used on just-washed hair, so ensure your hair is towel-dried or slightly damp.

Turn your hair forward and start rubbing the Serum on your hair, going up-wards from the tips of your hair. Massage the tips, as the hair serum works well on the split ends. Turn the hair back once again, take 2 to 4 more drops of the serum, and massage it well, beginning at the back and progressing to the front of the hair.

Once done, you can take a couple of more drops and use the lotion around your hair for efficient application.

Hair lotions work best on damp hair. If you want to apply hair lotion on your damp hair, after that keep in mind that blow-drying your hair is definitely essential.

There are various types of hair serums available in the market for your hair kind and purpose. Listed here are all the types of hair lotions. Scroll down!

Kinds of Hair Serum

  1. Extreme Hydrating Hair Serum

Extreme hydrating hair serum is appropriate for people that have non-combable and tangled hair with split ends and flyaways. It helps to nurture, soften, and rehabilitate dry hair and include shine for your hair without appearing oily. This type of Conditioning hair serum also protects your hair from ultra violet rays and offer essential moisture to the hair.

  1. Straightening Hair Serum

Hair straightening serums are specially formulated for hairdo. They help diminish frizz while straightening the hair. They are developed with humidity-resistant solutions and offer super-straight, frizz-free, and smooth hair that lasts for a very long time. You can also find hair serums for specific hair problems like split ends.

  1. Hair Regrowth Serum

This type of serum like L’emollis Hair Regrowth Serum is formulated with hair regrowth ingredients that stimulate hair follicles, hydrate your scalp and improve the blood flow to follicles, which in turn, improves the scalp health and wellness. It also helps prevent hair damage and improve hair regrowth together with encouraging the hair follicles to produce thicker and shinier hair. 

How To Pick The Right Serum For Your Hair Kind

It is always advisable to go for an established brand name although it may cost a bit more. Attempting to cut down on the cost may not be a smart idea when you want the preferred outcomes for your hair.

While using Conditioning hair serum, ensure that you do not massage it into your scalp. Rather, brush it gently through your hair, ideally with your fingertips or a brush.

If you feel your hair is drying uncommonly fast after using the serum, try switching the product. Maybe the product you have been using is not appropriate for your hair type. Switching to another brand name may resolve the issue.

While you’re using the hair serum, try various other new hair items, like a brand-new hair shampoo and conditioner, to understand what mix works finest for your hair.

Using too much of anything is wrong, which holds real for your hair serum too. Use the serum in moderate quantities. Try not to use it daily. If you need to use it daily, do so in small quantities.

Use hair serum when your hair are slightly wet or towel-dried and not when they are dripping of water.

Don’t use hair serum consistently without cleaning your hair. This may lead to greasy hair and dandruff. Ensure your hair is cleaned and clean before using a hair serum.

Constantly look for a hair serum compatible with your hair type. Look for the ingredients that are specially designed for specific hair kinds. If you have actually damaged hair, choose jojoba or lavender oil-enriched hair lotions. These types of hair lotions are light and help to detangle your hair.

For thick hair kinds, hair serum that are enhanced with Morrocan argan oil work great. For curly hair kinds, looking for ingredients like jojoba, wonderful almond, marula, and argan oils for extra hydration.

If you prefer to try out your hair shades or your hair is chemically treated, after that choose a hair lotion with green tea essences and coconut oil as energetic ingredients.

Overusing hair serum can make your hair appearance limp rather than voluminous. Hence, limit the quantity of serum while using. Let’s s find out how a lot suffices for your hair enter the next section.

How Much Serum Should You Use?

Keep in mind that a bit hair lotion goes a lengthy way. Regardless of how thick or lengthy your hair is, using too much hair serum can make your hair appearance limp rather than lustrous. Hence, limit the use of the lotion by just using much less compared to a pea-sized quantity for fine hair and a quarter-sized quantity for thick hair.

Currently, let’s answer a couple of frequently asked questions about serum!

What Is The Distinction between Hair Oil And Hair Serum?

Hair oil and Hair serum may have comparable structures but are not the exact same. The hair oil is required to penetrate into the follicle and is mainly used to nurture and improve the hair health and wellness. Hair serums are used as a designing substrate that protects your hair from damage, increase their shine, reduce frizz and tangling.

Can You Use Hair Serum Every day?

Conditioning Hair serums are not suggested for daily use. But, if you have incredibly uncontrollable and tangled hair, then you can use them daily till the condition of your hair improves.

Final thought

Conditioning Hair Serums are the essential designing products in your essential hair regimen. They can protect your hair from heat damage and include a shine that lasts for a very long time. But, while choosing a hair lotion, you should consider your hair kind for the very best outcomes.

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