Top 10 Reasons You Are Facing Hair Loss


There are several hair loss reasons dependent on the area of the body. Here we will talk about the top ten reasons why you are facing hair loss on your head. There are many reasons you could be facing hair loss, but you must visit a trichologist or dermatologist who is specialized to evaluate the exact reason and treatments.


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Family Heredity is the most common reason behind the hair fall among the male and female as well. If balding runs in the family history it may be the primary reason you may be facing it too. This is also visible at a certain age and there is no cure for hereditary hair loss but treatment may help to slow or stop the hair loss.

Hormonal Changes

Mainly affecting the female during childbirth, menopause, pregnancy and thyroid problem. The hormonal changes occurring in the body may result in hair loss which can be temporary or permanent.

Medical Conditions

Alopecia Areata is a medical condition where the body immune system attacks the hair follicle resulting in hair loss in patches, spot baldness and there is no known cure for it however, treatment is available. Other medical conditions include scalp infection like ringworm, scalp inflammation like Malassezia which requires treatment and a good chance of hair regrowth after proper treatment.

Medications and Supplements

If you are under medication for cancer, arthritis, depression etc, which may have side effect and resulting in hair fall. Also, food & supplements high in Vitamin A may trigger hair fall but also tends to recover, as the level of Vitamin A returns to normal level in the body. You may need to check your food intake for Vitamin A.

Radiation Therapy to the Head

Chemotherapy is like a nuclear known to kill the cell responsible for Hair growth, resulting in the high intensity of hair fall, the same growth of hair may not ever recover as time passes.

Stress and Shock

High blood pressure, mental stress, depression and sudden mental and physical shock may result in hair fall & thinning too which has been observed by research. Your mental state inside affects your look outside

Hairstyling & Cosmetics

Changing hairstyle using the heating rod, pulling clip to tighten the hair as in pigtails may weaken the hair, also applying cosmetics which clog the hair follicle having harmful chemicals also causes red patches on the skin, scalp inflammation.

Dandruff & Poor Hygiene

Yes, the most common and talked about, Dandruff. Not only resulting in mild itch, but dandruff can also be persistent. If it gets more severe, Seborrheic dermatitis is triggered by an overgrowth of a fungus called Malassezia and you may need a medicated shampoo for weeks to cure it. Poor scalp hygiene with air pollutants and scalp dryness may lead to skin condition as dandruff. So, keep your hair clean and tidy and stop using the comb, towel of other people having dandruff.


Along with the plethora of diseases and other harmful effects, some research studies have proved that smoking also leads to hair fall and baldness in men. Smoking does interfere in the normal functioning of the body

Age Factor 

Well, with the age factor hair fall is imminent and is a natural process of gradual thinning, receding hairline. The only way is to go for a hair transplant or use a hair wig.

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