Vitamins and Minerals Deficiencies that Cause Hair Loss


    Whenever we face hair fall, we start looking for the reason that may be causing it. Apart from daily caring & using hair oil, shampoo’s, etc. We may still not be satisfied, as if we are still missing something. One of the concern areas may be the diet that we consume and yes it is true that certain minerals can cause hair loss. So, we will be discussing the vitamins and minerals deficiencies that cause of hair loss and you should be aware of this because of your health concerns as well.


    Your daily protein intake should be 30% of your total calorie count because your hair is made up of 90%  of protein, Protein helps to generate collagen, which stimulates healthy hair and skin renewal so if you want your hair condition to be in the best of condition, you should look at your food intake contents. Let us tell you some of the food high in protein.

    •       Natural Food and supplements

    Lentils, chickpeas, beans, spinach, kale, almonds, peas, nuts, hemp, chia seeds, Eggs, berries, shrimp, fatty fish, tofu, legumes, and cottage cheese.

    Apart from this, you can apply Egg-Yogurt pack, as an egg is very rich in protein and yogurt contains probiotics needed for healthy hair

    •       Cosmetic Products

    Protein shampoo, serum and other cosmetic products may give your hair the much-needed ingredients like Biotin & Keratin and fill the gaps reducing hair fall and enhancing hair growth. Beware of other harmful chemicals in the cosmetics you use, as always.

    Vitamin C 

    Vitamin C, the common name for Ascorbic Acid helps promote collagen production, which is highly important for hair growth, Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins you must add to your diet. It protects your hair from oxidative stress, protects from natural pollutants and acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin C also helps the body to absorb more oxygen.

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    Eating foods which are high in vitamin C boosts your body’s natural collagen production which makes the hair stronger and supports growth. Let us tell you some of the food high in Vitamin C.

    •       Natural Food for Vitamin C 

    Citrus fruits like lemons, orange, sweet lime, kiwi and amlas. Include bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, spinach, moong, and sprouts in your diet 


    Zinc is an important mineral for hair growth, deficiency may lead to premature balding in men and women. Zinc also helps in growing new hair as it accelerates the regeneration of hair cells and skin. Such is the importance that due to deficiency of Zinc, regeneration will not happen and hair fall will occur. There are Multivitamin tablets with Zinc available.

    But, supplementing a high dose of zinc may also result in hair fall as some of the reports suggest.

    •       Natural Food Source for Zinc 

    Nuts, seeds, Pumpkin seeds, oysters, organic eggs, spinach and lentils.


    As we all know the hemoglobin supplies oxygen to every cell and tissue in the body, including hair follicle and scalp too. Healthy circulation of oxygen to hair cells and scalp is very important, deficiency may cause Anemia, which is the major cause of hair fall.

    Iron is very important because it helps your body to make hemoglobin. Also, iron is not easily absorbed by the body, which needs a balanced diet.

    It is always safe to derive these nutrients from natural sources.

    •       Natural Food Sources for Iron 

    Pulses & beans, cereals, Nuts, Brown rice, Leafy green vegetables, Dried fruit, Eggs, Lean red meat, fish and chicken


    Vitamin A

    Cells need minerals for growth, every cell has a growth life-cycle and Vitamin A is the mineral behind it. Hair is one of the fastest-growing cells in the body and optimal Vitamin A in your body helps skin cells, hair cells grow. It also helps to make sebum, the oily substance over your scalp which keeps your hair healthy & shiny.

    Also, Too much of anything is dangerous as it will affect the body and can cause hair fall.

    •       Natural Food Source for Vitamin A 

    Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, spinach, milk, eggs and yogurt

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