ELLA is actively engaged in basic and clinical research that incorporates evidence-based knowledge into demonstrable cosmo-dermatology practice. We, at  ELLA, delve deep into skin science for an effective therapy design and treatment solutions by virtue of improved formulations using liposomal delivery techniques.

The skin’s outward appearance relies on the way it reflects light. Youthful skin is necessarily healthy skin that retains the power to shine in radiance. A rational skincare regimen entails treatment solutions not only of the epidermis but also the dermis, which supports the facade of the integumentary system.

The subject of ageing has eluded the scientific mind for a long, prompting major investigative work, especially in the field of skin research. Emerging knowledge about the genetic causes of senescence and the underlying cell-signalling pathways has ushered in newer concepts to understand the process of ageing. Stem cell therapy is a remarkable way to reverse chronological ageing that offers unique regenerative abilities while enhancing internal repair mechanisms. Stem cells are totipotent, carrying the power to divide, essentially without limit to replenish other cells to divide and proliferate.

The key to possessing young and attractive skin lies in the way a person ages. Intrinsic ageing of the skin, spurred by the genetic machinery and environmental factors affects numerous skin proteins, which play a crucial structural and functional role in retaining the integrity of the skin. The ageing cascade is triggered by the loss of the function of elastin and collagen, coupled with thinning of the epidermal layers. Dryness and scaliness of the skin result due to loss of NMF and gradual decrease in activity of the skin adnexal structures. Consequently, the skin becomes rigid, giving birth to fine lines and wrinkles. The wrinkling effect gets accelerated by the incidence of harmful UV rays that also contribute to hyper-pigmentary disorders of the skin.

L’emollis, encompasses within its gamut, a range of liposomal treatment solutions specially designed to target altered skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, pigmentary disorders and disorders of ageing skin. L’emollis product portfolio is enriched with valuable Phyto Stem Cell extracts that act intricately with the series of molecular metabolites, programmed to regulate the longevity of a cell. Our products are further developed by the inclusion of useful chemical actives — also known as cosmoleculars that ensure a healthy skin biome.

ELLA takes pride in spearheading the advent of such research-based cosmo-dermatology products to India.

L’emollis from ELLA