How to defy aging and look younger?

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In today’s contemporary society, everybody yearns to look younger than their age and go all out to
defy the age-old adage “growing old gracefully”. In humans, aging is a biological process that
occurs in a chronological order of years lived by and environmentally modulated too. Irrespective of
the years lived by, the environmental factors like pollution, prolonged exposure to sun rays, overuse
of cosmetics, nutrient-deficient “junk food” and of course, last of all but not least, stress too
accelerate aging process and therefore many individuals exposed to high-stress levels exhibit signs of
aging much earlier than their actual chronological age.
Ageing is something that is inevitable but the unending desire to defy it, often draws the individual’s
attention towards OTC-driven anti-aging creams that do more harm than good. A scientifically
designed anti-wrinkle cream could stand out as the best anti-aging cream by saving the day for
people who want to look younger.

The tell-tale signs of aging.

Though aging is a broader term that encompasses the whole gamut of physical changes in the body
of an individual as he or she grows up in age, but the most significant and visible signs of aging are:

  1. Dull skin – As one gets old, the upper layer of the skin is unable to retain moisture due to
    the slower renewal process of the skin. This results in the drier appearance of otherwise glowing
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles – The most identifiable features that are so much connected with
    the aging process, fine lines and wrinkles appear due to the slackening of elastin and collagen
    fibres giving a loose and lax appearance to the skin.
  3. Uneven skin tone – As age progresses, the skin tone starts becoming uneven in places
    because the level of melanin accumulates in some parts of the skin, giving it a darkish
  4. Age spots – Mostly found in people spending long hours in direct sunlight, a result of
    exposure to ultraviolet rays, age spots are usually reddish brown in colour.

However, it’s a great relief to discern that all the above signs of aging can be reversed to a greater
the extent with the help of modern medical marvels that are now much more popular due to their efficacy.

It’s never too late to look younger

Looking young is a fad nowadays. Looking young is no more a domain for celebrities alone. An
effective and affordable anti-aging treatment has ultimately breached the barrier of exclusivity and
fulfilled the desire of common people to wear age-defying bright and younger looks. To effectively
counter the aging process, take up the following preventive measures:

  1. Avoid long exposure to sun rays. Even for short stints, wear a good sunscreen lotion that
    effectively protects against Ultra Violet radiation.
  2. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and maintain skin hydration.
  3. Physical activity boosts blood circulation and allows oxygenation of skin cells, so get
    hooked to physical exercise to stay young.
  4. Adopt an effective skin regimen. As the skin naturally loses elastin and collagen and eventually
    starts drying over the years. Free radicals generated out of UV exposure and environmental
    pollution affect the cellular DNA, affecting skin to become discoloured, dull, dry, wrinkled
    and sagging. Only a scientifically formulated anti-aging cream can provide an effective
    recourse, that can reverse the effect of aging accelerators.

Retilift – a triple defence system against ageing, eye contour care and wrinkles is the best anti-aging cream that offers quick and commendable results by reversing the tell-tale signs of aging. A Retinol-intensive combination of free radical quenchers in Retilift works at the molecular level to normalize cell
turnover, thus ensuring protection against signs of both, chronological and photo-aging,
specifically wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, age spots, uneven skin tone and loss in elasticity.
Retilift, the best anti-wrinkle cream, not only accelerates collagen production but also
exerts a potent antioxidant effect that neutralizes free radicals generated due to extended UV
exposure and pollution to reverse the signs of ageing. Young, unblemished and bright looks
spur you to take on the world with your charm. Remember, it’s never too early, and never
too late, to start taking care of your skin, so be it…..