What Causes Dandruff? and How to Prevent it?

Alarmed with white flakes donning your shoulders and neck? Well, it’s dandruff playing spoilsport with your personality.

Dandruff is a common condition, often aggravating during winters that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. Though non-fatal, more often than not, it results in a self-esteem issue, quite socially embarrassing and discomfortingly itchy. That is why you require the best anti-dandruff shampoo to effectively control dandruff.

What causes dandruff:

Skin cells have a definitive turnover rate, i.e the cells of the uppermost skin layer die and shed at a predefined normal rate. When this turnover rate is increased due to cold and dry winters or stress, the shedding of dead cells also increases and appears as flakes sticking to hair, eyebrows and shoulders. Some researchers believe it can be caused by an overproduction of skin oil (sebum) in the oil glands and hair follicles. A type of yeast (fungus) called Malassezia can grow in the sebum along with bacteria and aid in the development of seborrhea or dandruff. Men are more prone to develop dandruff than women due to hormonal involvement. 

Visible symptoms:

Often, the first visible symptoms a person with dandruff will notice, are white flakes of dead skin in the hair or on the shoulders. The scalp too often becomes itchy and scaly.

Other signs of dandruff are:

  • Dry, flaky scalp skin that gets worse in cold weather
  • The feeling of dry skin on the face, forehead, ears, or eyebrows
  • Skin flakes on the chest or other parts of the body that have hair
  • The greasy appearance of the skin on the scalp or other parts of the body
  • Mild redness in the affected area
  • Hair loss which can be temporary


The cases of mild dandruff can be treated just by shampooing every day with a gentle shampoo. This will reduce oiliness, wash away the dead skin cells and keep them from building up on the scalp.

Moderate and recurrent cases of dandruff usually can be treated with an over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoo that contains a combination of anti-fungal agents. Though many OTC brands are available in the market you may need to experiment until you find the one that suits your kind of dandruff. For an effective cure of moderate and recurrent cases of dandruff,  one requires a dedicated anti-dandruff shampoo that offers a combination of strong anti-fungal agents like Piroctone Olamine and Ketaconazole along with a keratolytic agent such as Salicylic acid. Since Piroctone Olamine is a sporicidal antifungal therefore it helps in the total eradication of fungus along with its spores, while Salicylic acid helps in exfoliating the dead cell build-up, resulting in a total cure for such a challenging form of dandruff.

The most challenging part is to drive away stubborn and resistant dandruff, which is medically referred to as Seborrheic Dermatitis. This is a medical condition often requiring the intervention of a dermatologist. Usually, a Coal Tar Shampoo containing 1% purified Coal Tar, is prescribed to control it and found to be extremely helpful in such conditions. For effectively handling mild to moderate dandruff, Trigaine AD Shampoo is a research-based and clinically proven formulation of powerful anti-dandruff agents like Piroctone Olamine and Ketaconazole along with a much-required keratolytic and chelating agent like Salicylic acid that effectively treats even resistant dandruff and scalp inflammation while reducing the incidences of recurrence.