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Does Caffeine Actually Help Your Hair To Grow?

Caffeine Help Your Hair To Grow

Did you know that a dash of caffeine in your hair regimen can also play an important role in making your hair grow into lustrous locks?

Yes, it’s true...while many of us relate with Caffeine as an alkaloid, invariably found in coffee beans and savored all over the world, surprisingly very few people know that it can really protect the hair and help it to grow and Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo is just here to do that.

What Affects The Growth Of Hair?

Men and women often experience hair fall due to the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone, which is found to be responsible for this condition resulting in follicle miniaturization and hair loss. DHT occurs naturally in both men and women. Due to the involvement of an androgen, the condition is medically termed as Androgenetic alopecia. Since the scalp has the maximum DHT receptors therefore scalp hair bears the maximum brunt of DHT attack.

Due to the attack of DHT, the follicles get deprived of nutrition by the blocking of vitamins, proteins, and mineral utilization, thus resulting in their becoming smaller and then finally disappearing, causing baldness. This process, known as miniaturization of the hair follicles, also adversely affects the growth phases of hair negatively affecting one’s self-esteem.

How Does Caffeine Protect The Hair Follicle?

Caffeine helps prevent hair loss and aids hair growth by blocking the harmful effect of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When caffeine is applied topically it leads to greater hair shaft growth and extends the hair-growth phase, called the Anagen phase. Caffeine is also known to increase blood circulation and its application on the scalp leads to better blood supply to hair follicles, which enhances the availability of nutrition and oxygen to follicles resulting in their growth.

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Does Topical Application Of Caffeine Help?

Now that we know how caffeine helps protect against hair fall and its role in regrowth, the next question is about its administration. While coffee lovers will endorse the idea of gulping down a few more cups to aid their hair growth, scientific research points towards topical administration as the best option as it penetrates easily through the hair follicles. Follicular shunts in hair follicles absorb 90% of caffeine within 2 minutes of application and make it available at the hair root level to bind with DHT and block its harmful effects.

Caffeine Shampoo Par Excellence!

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo is scientifically formulated for the fastest caffeine delivery resulting in 10 times higher absorption of caffeine in just 2 minutes through follicular routes, resulting in effective suppression of DHT. Trigaine Caffeine shampoo is fortified with high-potency Coffee extract, which is far more effective in checking hair fall and restoring hair growth with its three-pronged action:

  1. It enhances hair shaft elongation which makes the hair root bigger.
  2. It prolongs the anagen phase length which extends the hair growth period.
  3. It stimulates hair matrix keratinocyte production thereby producing more keratin, a key component of human hair.

Additionally, Arginine and Biotin improve capillary blood circulation, which enhances the nutrient flow to follicles and rejuvenates the hair follicles by increasing the cellular metabolism, thereby reversing hair loss.

With The Added Benefit Of Saw Palmetto?

Yes, Saw Palmetto is a palm plant and its extracts have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples for various health purposes. In hair care, Saw Palmetto is gaining recognition as a DHT Blocker. Just like caffeine, Saw Palmetto is known to inhibit the activity of DHT by decreasing its formation thereby assisting in slowing down of hair loss, particularly in individuals with androgenetic alopecia, a common cause of hair thinning. Saw Palmetto also soothes an irritated scalp, reducing itching and redness. This is also particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like dandruff or scalp psoriasis.

The Synergy:

When caffeine and Saw Palmetto are combined in a hair shampoo, they create a powerful synergy. The caffeine invigorates hair follicles and encourages growth, while Saw Palmetto provides additional protection against the damaging effects of DHT. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution for hair health.

How To Use Caffeine And Saw Palmetto Shampoo:

Replace your regular shampoo with the specially formulated Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo that incorporates caffeine and Saw Palmetto, massaging it into your scalp to ensure thorough coverage. Leave it on for a few minutes to allow the active ingredients to work their magic, then rinse thoroughly.

In androgenetic alopecia, when Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo, the best caffeine shampoo with the added benefit of saw palmetto, is incorporated into the daily hair regimen, it quickly helps in reversing the miniaturized hair follicles and enhances the hair regrowth phase, thus helping in the regrowth of beautiful and shiny hair. From stimulating hair follicles to reducing hair loss, these natural ingredients offer a holistic approach to hair care that can benefit anyone looking to maintain a full, vibrant head of hair. So, why not make your daily shower a hair-reviving ritual? Your hair will thank you for it.

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