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Intensive Moisturizing Ceramide-Repair Lotion For Sensitive Skin. Gently Repair your Skin With Lactobabe, best Lotion for Dry Skin.
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Just like how Earth nurtures and laughs in flowers, Lactobabe nurtures your and your baby’s smile gently and with utmost care.
lactobabe best lotion for dry skin
working of lactobabe lotion for dry skin
Ingredients of lactobabe loation ceramids oat lipids


Lactobabe baby lotion is a triple lipid atopic moisturizer, formulated with physiological lipids that exactly match the human skin configuration. It provides symptomatic relief and tackles the root problem of dry skin i.e., improper development of the skin barrier.

The Lotion intensely hydrates and moisturizes from deep within the skin, repairing and assisting in healthy skin development. It provides cholesterol along with human skin-identical Ceramide and Gamma Linoleic Acid in the ratio of 3:1:1 which gently repairs the skin barrier quickly and safely.

Lactobabe Dry Skin Lotion also provides Oat lipids, Glycyrrhetinic acid, Aloe Vera, and Bisabolol that relieve the irritation due to dry skin.


  • Assists in the development of a healthy skin barrier.
  • Deep multi-layer moisturization
  • Accelerates recovery and restoration of skin barrier function
  • Prevents water loss and reduces itching and inflammation.
  • Gently repairs the skin barrier quickly and safely in both adult’s and baby’s delicate skin.
lactobabe dry skin lotion


  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Natural lipid balance
  • Easy spreadability and absorbability
  • Pleasant soothing fragrance
  • Extra-moisturizing
lactobabe best lotion for dry skin

A Gentle Repair With Lactobabe Care

The root cause of dry skin is improper skin barrier development due to which there is increased water loss from the skin leading to severe dryness which can’t be managed by any OTC moisturizer. Lactobabe Lotion is Dermatologist recommended Skin Barrier Ceramide repair moisturizer for Infants’ tender developing skin and adult’s having sensitive and severely dry skin. Lactobabe Lotion is a personalized Skin-care intense moisturizer for both adults and infants that prevents water loss, nurtures skin barrier development, and thoroughly moisturizes multiple layers of skin.

Lactobabe baby lotion is infused with all the essential ingredients and natural lipids that are required for healthy skin barrier development.

With Lactobabe baby lotion “Hydrate, Heal, & Calm” Your and your baby’s dry and sensitive skin.

lactobabe collection for dry skin treatment

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