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Trigaine_ph_shampoo_100mlTrigaine Shampoo | pH Balanced Shampoo - Klaycart
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trigaine_caffeine_shampoo_100mlTrigaine Caffeine Shampoo - Klaycart
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silkworm_shampooSilkworm Shampoo - Klaycart
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international_rootz_hair-oilRootz Hair Oil - Klaycart
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tango_hair_serumTango Hair Serum - Klaycart
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Irwings_hair_progrowth_serumIrwings Hair Progrowth Serum - Klaycart
Irwings Hair Progrowth Serum Sale priceRs. 528.00

Featured Hairfall Products

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo - Klaycart

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo

This DHT Blocking Shampoo facilitates the fastest caffeine delivery through hair follicles to counteract hair follicle miniaturization

Tango Hair Serum - Klaycart

Tango Hair Serum

It nourishes with nature’s best rejuvenator, Citrus Fruit extracts, that work as a powerful antioxidant to protect it from oxidative stress and environmental pollution.

Rootz Hair Oil

Rootz Hair Oil

Rejuvenate your locks, promote hair growth, and witness a significant reduction in hair fall, all with the power of nature. It's non greasy texture makes it suitable for daily application.

Trigaine Shampoo - Klaycart

Trigaine Shampoo

pH balanced shampoo ensures that hair cuticles stay closed and prevents moisture loss. This protects the hair cortex by retaining moisture.