Anti Aging Serum

Find Out Which Anti-Aging Serum Is Best For You

find out which anti-aging serum is best for you

For decades, the beauty industry has tried to make us feel insecure about aging. However, it is one of the most natural processes and is a reminder that we have grown, learned, and most importantly lived a meaningful life. You might be thinking about how this “beauty” blog with Anti Aging Serum for its title is self-contradictory. Well, It is because we believe in delivering the most honest approach towards skincare, towards realistic beauty standards, toward a practical and transparent life. Although, aging is natural and we should all have a  graceful acceptance and attitude towards it, while we are all collectively shattering unrealistic beauty standards we can proceed with a skincare routine by including products that maintain and retain our skin health and prevent the early signs of aging too.

What factors might be contributing to accelerated Aging?

Apart from natural aging, there are few factors that might be contributing to premature or early aging.

The sedentary lifestyle that unfortunately most of the urban population are unwillingly subjected to is one of the biggest contributing factors to aging or in this matter, premature aging. A 30-minute walk would suffice for all the movement you need for a day, or showing up to the gym four days a week is also a good investment for your overall health.

Smoking or drinking significantly contributes to premature aging too.

Stress is one factor that affects all areas of our lives, social, emotional, mental, and obviously physical. The first signs of stress start to show up on our skin in the form of fine lines and dark circles.

An unbalanced diet that lacks vital vitamins, protein, and minerals might lead to premature aging too. A protein-rich diet is usually recommended to avoid any such situations from building up.

Lack of sleep or to put it better, lack of restoring sleep is also a contributing factor in aging. Sleep provides our body the necessary rest, and restores and reenergize us for the day ahead.

What Ingredients to look for in your Anti-Aging Serum 

Retinoids: Retinoids is the “do it all” ingredient in the skincare industry, but it is praised by dermatologist all around the world for their anti-aging properties. Retinoids come in multiple forms, it could either be Retinol, Retinal, or Retinoic Acid(the most potent and readily absorbable form). It works by increasing cell turnover and promotes collagen production, the cumulative effect of which is smooth, supple skin serving as one of the most potent anti-aging serums. 

People are usually skeptical about introducing Retinoids in their skincare routine given the purging and irritation it leads to while introducing it to their skincare routine. 

There are two methods of introduction of Retinoid in your skincare routine as a beginner.

Sandwich Method: This is one of the most effective methods to diligently introduce Retinoids in your skincare routine. It involves the layering of Retinoid between the layers of Moisturizer:

Light Moisturizer > Retinoid > Heavy Moisturizer 
The layering of Retinol anti-aging serum minimizes the purging and irritation that your skin might experience with the introduction of Retinoids.


Controlled Contact Method: While you are beginning your journey you can minimize the chances of skin irritation and purging by controlling the contact time of it initially, this requires applying the retinol anti-aging serum for two hours and then washing it off followed up by generous application of moisturizer for skin soothing and moisturizing.

Quick Tips to Remember About Retinoids: 

  • It is advised to use Retinoid at night in your PM skincare routine since it makes skin more photosensitive.
  • Always wear sunscreen of SPF 30m and above the next morning to prevent further sun damage and thus optimal results.
  • Strictly avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Skin flaking and redness at the beginner level are normal, so start with the lowest potency of the retinol-based anti-aging serum and work your way up once your skin can tolerate it well.

ingredients to look for in anti-aging serum

Vitamin C: Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid as we call it is one of the most potent anti-oxidants that not only promotes collagen production but also prevents free radical and photodamage. Using Vitamin C serum after cleansing your face with a natural face wash in your AM skincare routine as an anti-aging serum helps prevent photodamage throughout the day given its potent anti-oxidant action. It protects and shields your face the entire day from the photodamage.

Peptides: Peptides are one of the safest and most well-tolerated skincare ingredients and thus make an ideal anti-aging serum. It acts as an anti-aging serum given its collagen boosting properties that helps retain and replenish skin elasticity. It works effectively to get rid of Crow’s feet around the outer corner of the eyes and also helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid: One of the most underrated anti-aging serums is Hyaluronic Acid. It works as a humectant and retains water molecules in our skin, keeping our skin hydrated and plump. It prevents TEWL keeps skin firm and prevents dullness, it also helps keep skin rejuvenated and youthful.

Bakuchiol: If you have difficulty tolerating Retinoids or have to let go of Retinoids because of pregnancy or breastfeeding, Bakuchiol is your savior. It's a safer, plant-based alternative to Retinoids with similar effects of preventing and treating fines and wrinkles and has been used traditionally in the Ayurvedic system of Medicine.

Ferulic Acid: Potent plant based antioxidants that helps in neutralizing the free radical oxidation and prevents oxidative stress thus providing anti-aging effects when used consistently.

Glycolic Acid: It is one of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which is primarily known for its exfoliation properties but its anti-aging properties aren’t discussed much. Glycolic Acid does surface-level exfoliation and helps in tackling age spots, and dullness, and promotes healthier skin. Using Natural Face Wash that has glycolic acid as one of the key ingredients may also help with daily exfoliation and skin brightening.

Amidst all this, do not forget to enjoy every phase of your life, you are much more than your fine lines, and your identity is beyond things like acne, acne marks, wrinkles, or age spots, you rocked it before and as you age you are going to rock it better in life, a little exercise a day, a balanced/healthy diet, meditation, and a skincare routine with simple products like anti-aging serum and natural face wash are going to help you maintain a healthy skin and prevent premature aging and manage the fine lines and wrinkles efficiently and effectively.

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