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Hair Conditioning Shampoo
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silkworm hair conditioning shampoo
ingredients of silkworm hair conditioning shampoo


Silkworm Shampoo is India’s first follicle-stimulating protein shampoo for dry and thinning hair that offers KBC (Keratin / Biotin / Collagen) advantage, specially developed for Indian hair types.
It can effectively reverse the onslaught of hair damaging factors with advanced Collagen, Keratin, and Biotin protection and removes dandruff with the action of Aloe Berbensis that has keratolytic action, anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties, and the bonus action of Lawsonia Alba prevents premature greying of the hair.

Silkworm Daily Care Protein Shampoo is the best shampoo for fine, fragile hair and bestows renewed life to Dry, Thinning & Damaged Hair.


  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Strengthens weak hair
  • Fights frizz
  • Thinning Hair
  • Post Pregnancy Hair Loss
  • Makes hair soft & manageable
  • A potent combination of Keratin protein with Biotin & Collagen
benefits of conditioning shampoo


Silkworm Shampoo is the best hair conditioning shampoo for fine, fragile hair and bestows renewed life to Dry, Thinning & Damaged Hair.

how to use silkworm hair conditioning shampoo

Bestows Renewed Life To Dry & Damaged Hair.

Silkworm Shampoo is a scientifically formulated daily care protein shampoo that stimulates hair follicles to enhance hair growth and coats each hair with Keratin & nurtures it with essential nutrients. Soya Protein softens the hair strands promoting a frizz-free, manageable, shiny, sleek, and lustrous look by delivering intense nourishment and making them strong. 

Silkworm Shampoo’s breakthrough formulation utilizes amazing rejuvenating and refreshing nutrients to meticulously cleanse the scalp of excess sebum while infusing Biotin and Protein like Collagen and Keratin into the scalp. Keratin and collagen are ideal for optimal hair growth while biotin is essential for cell metabolism and its growth.

Silkworm conditioning shampoo gives your hair a velvety texture and smooth look just after the first few washes. It is suitable for all types of hair textures from 1A straight to 4C curly hair.Whether you have frizzy, coarse, or damaged dry hair after heat styling, now it is time to say goodbye to roughness with Silkworm Shampoo

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Dry and Damaged Hair

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Anuj Kumar
Silkworm Shampoo best conditioning shampoo

Silkworm Shampoo is best conditioning shampoo.