Tango Hair Serum

Nutrient Leave-In Hair Conditioning Serum With Vitamin E, C & B for Dry And Damaged Hair
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tango hair serum for frizzy hair
ingredients of tango hair serum


Tango serum untangles the hair with a high-end silicone derivative that coats each strand, smoothening it from roots to tips and ensuring extreme conditioning and color retention.

Tango hair serum for frizzy hair also nourishes with nature’s best rejuvenator, Citrus Fruit extracts, that work as a powerful antioxidant to protect it from oxidative stress and environmental pollution. Proteins in Tango serum prevent breakage and strengthen them to prevent breakage and act as keratin boosters to impart shine and enhance manageability.

Tango hair serum is powered with Calcium pantothenate which also increases keratin production and reduces greying.


  • Dry & Damaged Hair
  • Tangled Hair
  • Frizzy & Brittle Hair
  • Chemically & Heat Damaged Hair
benefits of tango hair straightening serum


  • Leave on Serum
  • Smooth Parlor finish
  • Application recommended before heat treatment
  • Suitable for all hair types
how to use tango hair smoothing serum

For Smooth Finish and Slayin Hair

Tango hair smoothing serum is formulated with potent antioxidants and nutrients which reduces UV and heat-induced frizz. Tango hair serum for frizzy hair is free of harmful petroleum derivatives like mineral oil, thus making it the safest preparation for intense conditioning, making the hair combable and manageable. Ideal after hairwash and is particularly advised to be applied before going through any heat treatment.

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